7 Skills you need to become Digital Marketer
July 10, 2022
7 Skills you need to become Digital Marketer

If you are reading this article, then you probably want to know how to use digital marketing to promote your business, and acquire new customers.

For many, Digital Marketing means being present on social networks and promoting business with advertisements.

But in reality, there are many disciplines within digital marketing, and real success comes when you manage to use them together in the right way.

And in this article, I will show you the 7 key skills you need to promote your business.

1 | Digital Strategy 

The first skill that must be mastered in Digital Marketing is Digital Strategy.

Before starting marketing, we must first know the prospect and understand him, in order to know how to create a specific message to convince him to buy our product or service.

The Customer persona, Sales Funnel, Customer Journey, Market Research and the Offer Strategy are among the most essential techniques to master before starting the work of Digital Marketing.

2 | Content Marketing

Once we have created our digital strategy, the first thing we must do is go directly to content marketing.

Because we cannot use social networks without creating content, nor can we promote our website in search engines without there being no articles or pages.

And that’s why content Marketing is our first step, but we need to understand a few principles before creating content such as content strategy, content types, blogging & Copywriting…

3 | Search Marketing

Our third discipline is Search Marketing, or SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Unlike ads on Google, this part focuses on the organic part. That is how to appear in search engines without paying advertising costs.

To improve your ranking on search engines, there is not a single search marketing technique, but rather 4 complementary techniques, which must be mastered all of them.

Technical SEO, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO & Local SEO

4 | Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing is probably the most popular subject in Digital Marketing, besides there are a lot of people who confuse them, for them Social media is Digital Marketing.

Social networks offer a huge opportunity for businesses to be able to connect with their audiences.

The 4 major social networks are Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram & Twitter.

And because each platform requires a lot of resources, the question is rather in which platform should we focus, in order to have the best return on investment.

5 | Ecommerce

Since the coronavirus, the number of online transactions has increased sharply, and we have seen a total change in consumer behavior.

Now, everyone is used to entering websites, consulting the products that exist and then placing an order or going to checkout.

Websites that only serve as a showcase to talk about the company and show the list of products are no longer attractive to this new type of consumer.

This is why it is more interesting and above all more efficient to make your website a virtual store.

But for the management of your store, some skills will be essential, such as sales, management of the store or email copywriting.

6 | Paid Advertising

The 6th discipline in Digital Marketing is Paid Advertising.

Indeed, if we want to reach many more people and open up to other local and international markets, it is necessary to turn to paid advertising and no longer focus solely on organic sharing.

The good news is that each platform now has its own advertising system, such as Facebook and Instagram, or Google and YouTube.

This means that to create an advertisement on Facebook and on Instagram for example, we can create it from a single interface and we no longer have to create two different campaigns.

7 | Email Marketing

The 7th and last discipline is email marketing. Most do not know this truth: email marketing is the discipline that has the best return on investment.

This is where we can build relationships with our prospects and retain them, give them some gifts, invite them for webinars and of course convert them into consumers.

When you have a very clean list that does not contain spammers or fake accounts, the cost will be very reduced compared to advertisements on Facebook or Google.

List building, list cleaning and Email automation are among the techniques that must be mastered for email Marketing.


Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Search Marketing, Social Marketing, Ecommerce, Paid Advertising & Email Marketing, are the 7 essential disciplines in digital marketing, to improve the visibility of your business, generate more leads, acquire more customers, and retain your existing clients.

If you want to go deeper and have more details on each of these disciplines, then click on the links that correspond to each of these specialties.