course overview

If you’re using words (any words) to sell things (any things)—this Workshop is for you.

Based on 2,000 years of storytelling, the StoryBrand method is the same formula that screenwriters use to create blockbuster movies that captivate audiences across the globe.

In this workshop, Founder and creator Donald Miller will take you step-by-step through crafting messaging for your business, so you can stop losing leads and sales from potential customers who just don’t “get it.”

Not only will you learn how to create the cornerstone messaging that resonates with your customers, you’ll also discover how to use your script to develop landing pages, emails, and more assets throughout your sales funnel.

Never struggle to find the “right words” ever again.

what you'll learn

  • How to break down your customer’s wants and needs into a cohesive narrative, turning them into the hero of their own story
  • How to build upon the customer narrative using the Brand Script, a powerful business tool that uses human psychology frameworks to bridge the divide between storytelling and brand messaging
  • To produce crystal-clear homepage messaging that draws your customer in and compels them to take action
  • How to translate your Brand Script into email copy and sales funnel assets